Tutorials: Workflows for Unity and Maya

A series of introductory tutorial videos for those who are new to 3D digital media sotware. It is designed to demonstrate methods and workflows using Unity and Maya.

Masterclass 01 ^|^ Quickstart for 3D artists, Workflows for Maya to Unity by John Twycross
Masterclass 02 ^|^ Phisically Based Shaders – Using Stingray PBS materials from Maya to Unity
Masterclass 03 ^|^ Modelling a Sword; Manipulating Polygon Primitives using the Modelling Toolkit
Masterclass 04 ^|^ Modelling a Mug in Maya for a Unity Game
Masterclass 05 ^|^ Modelling a Sofa using Booleans & Multicut Tool
Masterclass 06 ^|^ Modelling Level of Detail LOD Houses in Maya for Unity3D
Masterclass 06 ^|^ Look development in Unity3D

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